Happy Friday #47 : Blue Edition (Pan Am) Midori Traveler's Notebook

8:04:00 PM

Hello everyone and Happy Friday to you! Ah such a lovely mail month I'm having. I pre-ordered my Blue Edition (Pan Am) of my Midori Traveler's Notebook a few months ago. Was a bit worried when I saw others getting theirs right after they ordered to be honest, but alas... it finally made it's appearance from Tabiyoshop.

The Midori came in it's usual packaged glory. However, it had a funky smell to it.  I decided to air it out all night near the window. Today it is not so strong, but still there. Hopefully a few more days of airing out will do it. Honestly I wasn't quite sure how I would like the blue leather and sat on the fence for quite a bit on it. In person it is a very sophisticated blue and I'm actually quite liking it so far. Not sure how it will age, but promise to keep you posted on that.

I definitely packed this order to the max with Pan Am fun. I purchased 4 notebook inserts, 2 packages of different stickers, plastic zip folder, pen, and pen clip. (Also, a few sticker flakes offered by Tabiyo.)

Also, if you noticed, I found my favorite calendar weekly insert albeit the free form version from my local Kinokuya Book store. Back to my fav. style of keeping up to date with my tasks and a way to sum up my week with photos.

Music of the Day:
MA : I don't Wanna Feel

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