Midori Traveler's Notebook

Happy Friday #48: Back to My Midori Traveler's Notebooks

1:45:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone!!! Did you notice my title? Yes... notebooks plural. Funny how after about a year and a half since I went down this path I've some how acquired 4 during this time. The 4th one tucked away inside my purse.

For the most part I wrote in my lovely MTNs, however the creative stuff... was usually done in other sketchbooks. Why? Well because... for us notebook addicts, something is always shinier and must be played with haha.

I had almost forgot how lovely the 001 plain Midori insert was. I just love how the stark white sheet contrasts with ink and how forgiving it is with wet media. Simply fab!


Music of the Day : An oldy but goody ^_^
Everything But the Girl : Before Today

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