Happy Friday #49 : What Community Does for Artists of All Ages

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My daughter Amelie has always enjoyed drawing. In fact she has probably over 70 finished sketchbooks since she began at the age of 3. That being said, she began to lose her passion for it for a while and did not seem to progress. That was until the community factor was added into the mix. We began by trying out a printing workshop together, then she joined an online community for all ages manga drawing, and a one week fashion illustration camp.

This is not unlike the Facebook groups, Ning, Instagram, etc... many of us has joined and subsequently have grown leaps and bounds in our efforts to tap back into our creative selves. I my self did not seem to have enough motivation to fit art into my daily life again until I joined in communities of like minded souls. I had forgotten how important that ingredient was for me, much less a budding artist like my daughter...

So in spirit of remembering that your artistic little ones may need that little confidence boost of community be it online or in person. I thought I would share a little about her current experiences.

The online community for her at this moment is : Paigeeworld. It is an online social community for manga artists. What I find interesting is that the more you engage, such as uploading your artwork, sharing, commenting, etc., the more points you gain. This in turn allow you to unlock manga/drawing tutorials. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the age information on the website, however on their new iTunes app, which is the one my daughter is currently using, the rating of 9+ was given.

As a parent I decided to poke around the site as well, just incase... While scrolling through, I did find the occasional skimpy clothing and some hinting of nudity but, I haven't found anything extremely inappropriate as sometimes manga sites tend to be. I believe they moderate for this.

Personally I  am fine with what I saw so far as she is a mature 10yr. old and knows not to linger so to speak on that type of art, nor share any personal information. Also, in general, her personal tastes are still geared towards cute Chibi (large headed manga), cute characters, and cute manga characters, so I do not really worry to much. However, you may want to brows the site if you aren't sure it would work for your kids and remind them never to reveal personal information.

In terms of physicality, I would definitely recommend either classes or workshops at least once in a while. The creative energy from the in person social aspect is so very critical in really anything that we do.

Joining a community be it online or in person is truly a wonderful experience. Being with people who share your same passions create such a fantastic energy, incites motivation, and the general support one usually receives boosts the confidence of artists in all age groups.

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