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Product Review : Art Graf Viarco Tailor Shape

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Ah... the world of water-soluble products. Yes, I found yet another piece of yumminess in the form of Art Graf Viarco Tailor Shape : Earth Tones. Viraco products are created by a family owned business in Porto, northern Portugal. Its a beautiful set and I was quite surprised at how big each piece was.

The idea behind the shape is just as the title suggests. They are in the shape of a tailor's chalk, there for you can hold the graphite in your hand on edge to use the corners to draw.

The texture came out fairly smooth on my Midori Traveler's Notebook insert 003. A very smooth paper from Midori that take many types of mediums. On water color paper 'cold press', it is like that of charcoal when dry.

However, as you can see here, when you press down too hard they do tend to chip off. Which is a bit of an annoyance, but not a deal breaker. Also, yes it does get all over your fingers. If getting dirty is an issue, just use a brush with water just as you would when using water colors.

The colors of the earth palette are : Sanguine, Ochre, Sepia, Brown, Dark Brown & Black. Here is what it looks like in the Midori insert.

Once water is added on both the textured paper and smooth, the graphite blends like any typical water color. One can add as much or as little water especially on textured paper, to give it a rough or basic smooth water color effect.

What is interesting, especially for the mixed media artist is that if the graphite is completely blended out with water, once it dries, it is permanent. Adding more water will no longer dilute it. However, if there is some of the grainy dry bits of graphite is left, it will still react with water.

For this feature alone, I would highly recommend it. It is a lovely palette of colors and easy to work with. Here I decided to mix in a little of my favorite water colors and voila a little face appeared ^_^.

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  1. I have these and absolutely LOVE them!!! I'm naturally drawn to granite, charcoal, and watercolor/water-soluble media and earth tone colors, so these are the best of both worlds!!! They travel easily so I always keep a set in my bag along with a water brush. They are a bit pricey but worth it!!!