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11:03:00 PM

Ok... who doesn't know I have the journal/notebook affliction? For those of you doing the 'One Book in July' challenge... my hats off to you. I did this once... many moons ago. One book that is, and it drove me up the wall. I started to fan through the pages every so often to check just how many pages I had left. Silly, but true.

Any who... thought I would share the little bits in my stash that have been inspiring me as of late. Center stage is the Mon Carnet De Poche. It's lovely vintage cover and kraft paper has been singing it's siren's song to me lately. It is smooth and thus far has taken quite a few mediums without any problems. Granted there is a bit of crinkle to it when a lot of water is used, but it is easy to flatten out with a heavy book or rolling pages back in the other direction if it truly bothers you.

The other little supply of choice is the Sakura Koi travel watercolor palette. Although technically it's little miss' set, I figured it would be ok since she dips into mommy's stash on a daily bases hehe. I have to say I quite like them so far. They seem a bit more opaque in color, but this works well with the darkness of the kraft paper.

The other supply that has been making it's round in a lot of my doodling has been the Pentel Pigment Ink brush pens. Initially when they are wet you can move them around with a little water, but once they are dry, wet media does not seem to move the ink. I love this aspect of the ink and the portability of it.

However, if you don't use them for a while it can be a bit difficult to get the ink to flow again. Sometimes it works in your favor if you like the dry brush pen affect. That being said, if it is really dry... although messy... go to your sink and wet the brush to loosen up the dried ink that has set on the brush. Have a paper towel on hand and blot it to get most of the water out and then see if the ink flows. You may have to repeat this a few times and although it may seem like you're flushing down a load of ink, don't worry you aren't. That is... as long as you aren't squeezing the barrel while holding it ^_^.

Music of the Day:
The Sabres of Paradise : Smokebelch II

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