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Happy Friday #50 : Hobonichi Techo : The Next Half

9:47:00 PM

A fresh insert for the second half of 2015... After seeing all the lovely pics. lately, I must say I do miss the fatty notebook of my A5 from 2014. That being said, it become very difficult to write or draw on the left pages. Hence, my choice to down size to the A6, as well as try out the Avec version. I am really enjoying this size and how compact it is.  

Also, I feel a renewed sense of motivation this half of 2015. So many difficult things happened in my life the first half that left me feeling over whelmed. Which in turn stalled all my creative endeavors. I decided things needed to change especially since half the year just blew by.

With that in mind, Flow Magazine  came to the rescue. Sometimes a little visual eye candy helps you shake the funk. So off to the Flow website I went. The special international issue on Mindfulness seemed very apropos, so that was the first thing that went into my basket, next were a few older issues from France and Germany, and at a few dollars I decided to throw in some original Dutch weeklies.

I am happy to say, even with my rudimentary skills in French and German, I could get the general gist of some of the content. An extra bonus was because Dutch was so similar to German,  I could make out some of the key words which was fun. But who are we kidding... its mostly the images that I was concerned with any who hehe.

The patterns, illustrations, motivational stories really did the trick for me. So with inks and water colors in hand I let the inspiration do it's magic ^_*.

Here is to the next half of 2015, to mindfulness, inspiration, and motivation!

Music of the Day:
Massive Attack : Paradise Circus

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