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Happy Friday #51 : Planner Nerds Unite! Filofax... What?

10:40:00 PM

What??? A ring binder? A Filofax? Neon color? Scrapbook paraphernalia? Yes, to all my friends. I'm sure you've been seeing an occasional appearance of a certain pink binder. The Fluro pink original to be exact. I'm still ironing things out on how this will be used.

I know the bright pink was a little out of character... I usually like a more mono tone palette, but something just called to me to shake things up. So... I thought I would give the ringed binder system another chance. It was actually about a year and some change ago that I dived into the Filofax craze.

The Fluro pink was surprisingly my first choice, but due to the lack of availability I decided on a very bright Teal version from Aspinal London. Then due to a glitch in their system, they apologized and canceled my order as they were out of the particular binder I wanted. So my third choice was to try out the Kiki-K planner.

The mint color was pretty... but just did not speak to me. Nor it's hideous inserts. I know... one could purchase other ones, but by then my excitement over the whole system waned with the consistent disappointment. Also... yes the rings do drive me batty to an extent, so this will truly be an exercise of whether function over form will win over . Although I suppose it's not really a test of the eye, when I can play with so much eye candy with it ^_*.

Any who.. all that aside, when the bug hit this time I decided to just go for it and get mine from the U.K. Initially I wanted to start with some poppy colors with no dates attached. Kind of a catch all for to-do lists and brain dumps.

The inserts you see here are from KiddyQualia. I purchased her to do list, lined, plain, and grid in rainbow colors to try. Its fun... reminds me of the colorful notebooks I had in middle school. So far these are working great for me. I'm not locked in so much to a format.

Which brings me to my recent foray back into the scrapbooking world. Not that I am scrapbooking yet...again, but rather... enamored with the possibilities of all the new papers, bits, and tools around it. In particular Cocoa Daisy.

I wasn't as familiar with this small company until I began my search on planner inserts. Now of course as I opened the pandora's box, a plethora of stationary goods came rushing out at me. I ended up first trying their 3 month main kit, then jumped into the 6 month kit add-on plan. During which I decided to try a few of the A5 planner kits.

I didn't commit to a 6 month plan because I wasn't quite sure if the layout would work for me. I'm still on the fence as I am dipping in the July pages. Although to be honest I haven't fully committed to the pages yet. What is nice though is that other than the divider page, which has a title and on the back side the month view of the calendar, the rest of the pages are not dated. This means you can use the pages in different months.

So far the week on two pages makes the most sense for me, because I am used to the Midori week and notes on one spread. The Daily to do page I am still up in the air on. I mean visually it is very pretty, but not sure yet for the to do list segment. The other thing that gets in the way sometimes are the dark graphics. That being said, so far from what I've seen the graphics are what add that extra flair. So yeah I'm still debating the pros and cons of it all.

Mean while, my second planner kit came in and it is oh so beautiful. Can't wait to try this inside for sure. If you want to try a few of their inserts out, they do have downloadable ones as well as a monthly view for free.

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