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Happy Friday #54 : Hobonichi Techo Time

2:25:00 PM

Hi everyone! Happy Happy Friday! As many of you know Hobonichi Techo 2016 edition will be released this coming Monday night in the U.S. , but Tuesday September 1st. in Japan at 11am. Yay!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Hobonichi Techo, it is a daily planner that was made popular in Japan with an excellent paper called,  Tomoe River paper. I have more posts and information regarding the subject matter if you type in Hobonichi in the search box on my blog.

So... in light of the Hobonichi Love many of us are feeling about now, I thought I would finally do my the flip from my very first Hobo. It was purchase April of 2014, so I got the spring edition of the A5 Hobo. By the time I received it, it was May so... that is when I began.

As you can see, I tried various styles, but ultimately had a lot of fun with it. Now for my thoughts regarding the A5 vs. the A6 now that I've been in both for a sufficient amount of time.

A5 Pros
• Month, Weeks, and Daily Pages
• More space to do journaling, illustrating, smash booking

A5 Cons
• Space maybe daunting
• Not as portable
• Regular Cousin insert becomes too thick (Avec yr. spit in 2, maybe better)

A6 Pros
• Month and Daily Pages
• Portability

A6 Cons
• Less space to do journaling, illustrating, smash booking

Daily Pages

Something I think most of us were not used to in the planning community here in the U.S. is this idea of a whole page for the day. It takes a while to get used to for sure. In turn this means the dates can be both a blessing and as well as a form of frustration for many. This includes myself for sure.

The daily pages make you feel obligated. That is the best way I can describe it. This obligation can work for you as it did me. I was not one to practice the art of drawing everyday at this time, so on this front, due to the Hobo I've come a long way. (This plus online classes such as Sketchbook Skool :)

That being said, the dates can also make you feel... guilty. Because if you have a week of empty pages staring up at you, there is a smidgen of guilt you feel. You may feel as though you must "catch up" and start scrambling to do something about it. Meanwhile, you get tired and then end up not doing the current day's page, thus incurring another empty page.

I definitely had to get over that hurdle as well. Now I either let those pages be and keep up with the current day, or... I practice drawing, throw down a quote, or take notes on something of interest.

As a Planner

One thing in common for both years was that I wasn't actually using the planners to plan haha. I know silly, but I always knew I wanted to use it for daily illustrating practices or recaps of my day, so that wasn't a big thing to me.  You can look here  for other use cases for the Hobo (my daughter Amelie is one of them ^_^). Moving forward however, in 2016 I would love to  actually use it as it was attended, as a planner! Or at least try it for a bit to see how I like it.

Currently in my A6, since I am using the pages to illustrate, the monthly calendar alone probably wouldn't work for me, but... I'm thinking with the A5, the weeks pages, although vertical in layout, could work out for me.

So as a re-cap, yes I am going to get myself at least one of the Hobo in A5 Avec this year to both use as an actual planner and daily journal of my day. In terms of what cover... that I will reveal once it arrives ^_*.

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