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Classiky Tool Box : Review

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A little slice of happiness in the form of a little wooden tool box from Classiky.  I purchased this on a pre-order from the Tabiyo Shop. An online store located in Malaysia. It is a relatively small shop, as they seem to have small runs of stationary products, but they are very friendly and I've had great experiences with them thus far. This is my second pre-ordered item with them, (first being my lovely Blue Midori Traveler's Notebook), and while as pre-order suggests, you have to wait, they re-assure you with status updates.

Any who, this vintage styled box is beautifully made from nyatoh wood. It is a great little desktop organizer with fine details such as the rounded corners...

And beveled detail on the top of the box.

The hardware for the handle and closure does feel a bit flimsy. My guess is if you attempted to utilize the box as a workhorse for carrying your items from location to location... it would not fair well. It is definitely more of a desktop organizer with light portability use case. Although I suppose if the handle and clasp began to look broken down, it would only add to the vintage character of the box.

When the lid opens the site's description of 'full-blind dovetail joints on the sides',  allow the lid to stay vertically open. The added clip on the inside of the box makes it a fun place to add little tidbits of fun eye candy, inspirational quotes, or pressing lists of items that must be accomplished for the day.

As of today August 25th, 2015, Tabiyo carries three different Classiky designs.  Two of which remind me of an old makeup case, so longer in height, shorter in width. There is a small and medium of the make-up case style, and then there is the traditional tool box design, which is the one I choose. The Medium one in the other design looks like it could possibly hold little craft bottles of paint, but don't quote me on that :) 

The Dimensions of my box are :

75 mm / 2.9 in Height
302 mm / 11.9 in Width
160 mm / 6.3 in Depth

My box is housing the current washi tapes of choice, date stamp, to-do list packet, inspirational quote by the lovely Cynthia Morris, and general pen and stationery bits of the week. All-in-all, although the Classiky Tool Box is not utilitarian, in true sense of a portable toolbox, it is a simple yet beautiful way to organize and display some of your current items. What's not to love when you have a little functional eye candy on your desk?

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