Happy Friday #52 : Sketchbook In All It's Messy Glory

12:12:00 AM

Sooo... here is the thing. After coming upon Jo Blaker's sketchbook post in all it's beautiful messy glory, it had me thinking. Since begining my journey into the realm of creativity... why half the time I was over thinking things. Why the deer in headlights syndrome takes hold more often than not. Why when I compare my middle to someone else's decade of experience, I would shrug my shoulders and think eh... my stuff bites, why bother.

Many share in communities such as Facebook or our favorite artist's Ning, while this cultivates skills, motivates, and inspires, it can sometimes have a detrimental effect. Especially if there is that rockstar artist showcasing in the mix.

Of course we always want to show our best face to the world. Especially when we put our sensitive souls out there for people to see, but then many times we end up veering away from the actual idea of the sketchbook/art journal. We forget to play, practice, explore, and hone our skills. Instead we get hung up on 'what can I do to impress'.

Granted I'm not saying you need to share 20 pages of you practicing how to draw your hand, with the world, but what I am saying is... be aware. Even those amazing artists that you revere, follow, or take lessons from, produced and still produce a lot of ugly in order to get to the amazing.

Why? Well because we all need to practice. By all means feel free to have the 'special' journal or pages that you share with the world, but don't forget to just do it ha... as cliche as that sounds. Doodle, grab a junky catalogue, magazine, or look at what is on your desk and draw.

Any who... while you may think all we want to see are your finished pages. Look how fun it is to see sketchbooks in all their thoughtful, messy glory. It's fun! Just plain fun eye candy!

And with that I leave you with a little Cafe toons to play to ^_*.

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