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Happy Friday #53 : Staycation off the Beaten Path Day One

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This summer was a busy one for us and traveling outside of the state was not an option sooo.... since we have a habit of moving to places where most people come to for vacation we opted for a lovely Staycation. However, this time we decided to do some things that were a bit off the beaten path.

First on our list was to go to, The Yard SF . It is a little area that is right across from the Giant's stadium close to the DogPatch neighborhood. It's an interesting little corner of repurposed storage containers that are used for shopping, eating, and small entertainment venues.

As luck would have it, it was the weekend The Sketchbook Project was in town at The Yard. Here is a little video if you haven't heard about the project. 

Not only do I adore sketchbooks and journals, but I thought it would be a lovely for the kids to have hands on experience with looking through the books of other artists. Looking online is one thing, but to actually have the tactile moment with someone's creativity is highly recommended.


I could see the affects of this particular trip especially from my son. As I mentioned before, my daughter is an avid sketcher. In fact much more so than myself and has close to a 100 finished sketchbooks to date. My son however... although he adored drawing, around age 7 something happened. He became self conscious and did not want anything to do with a sketchbook or journal.

He is almost a teen now, but I gave him his own special Midori Traveler's Notebook  towards the end of last year in hopes of re-kindling his love for the creative practice of writing or drawing. However, it sat on his desk barely touched... until this week. He began to crack it open to brainstorm over names for his Youtube channel. 

His newly found creative outlet this summer that is cinematography. Although he did utilize one other notebook I got for him which was the Fauxbonichi I made for him last year, he only used it to take notes on the tutorials he was taking online.  This was a happy surprise for me to see him in deep thought with the MT.

After about an hour we decided to explore the area for a bit and came upon a delicious restaurant called Umami Burger. It was located about half a block from the Giant's stadium.

We each tried the K-BBQ burger that had Kimchi and go chu jang (hot pepper paste) glaze on it. 

The fries were amazing. If you like sweet, YUM the maple bacon sweet potatoes fries were AMAZING and the savory Truffle fries were delish.

After our delicious meal we went back to the Sketchbook Project for round 2 and then off to the San Francisco Center for the Book. This was about a 6 min. drive from TheYardSF in an area that is focused on interior decorating. It is an area of what look like old factory buildings repurposed into posh furniture and fixture stores.

The center itself is a fairly small venue. There is a display in front of some books and print work and the receptionist does not really let on that you can go inside for a look. In fact she did not even seem to notice when we walked in, but after engaging her attention for a little chat we headed inside for a mini tour.

There was a class being held in the space for old school printing with type blocks and press which was really nice to see.

Once inside to the left of the classroom,  the walls were aligned with cases. One section focused on the art of the envelope which covered the blue print, die cuts, and the break down.

Prints of stamps were on display of course since it goes hand in hand with mail arts.

There were also little areas to explore. Not exactly sure if we were allowed to wander, but there was an interesting backroom with machines, presses, both antique and modern, that is used in printing. Also trays of metal types and images we studied up close. The kids got a kick out of that.

After the Book Center, we were going to go get snack when we passed this interested Anitque store just around the corner from the center. Looking at the items in here alone was fun. 

They had many ornate bird cages from small to museum sized ones. What was interesting was that there were actual birds in many of them.

The items in the store were very large. Definitely catering to those who have a large enough loft space from the area.

Finally, after a long day we decided to wrap up our San Francisco excursion with a little snack in the Dog Patch area at a coffee house called, 'Front'. It looks as if it was a garage of some sorts back in the day. With simple wooden table and bench seating up front, it is a no frill artisan coffee place. The kids had some hot chocolate made from some type of ganache, the hubby his beloved espresso shot, and I a little cold brew coffee with one massive ice block which was fun to look at. Oh and a few expresso cookies made it into my mouth too haha.

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