Shepard's Pie : Cooking with Little Miss

9:48:00 PM

Shepard's Pie... so my daughter looked into her lovely cookbook that her Aunt gave her for a birthday, saw the recipe. She vaguely remembered eating it when we lived in London and asked if we could make it. I thought why not?

We didn't follow the recipe in the book because it asked for the potato flakes. I'm guessing that would have cut my time down significantly, but I haven't had that type of mashed potatoes in ages and I had a few lovely potatoes on hand so we opted to follow this recipe at allrecipes, with a few modifications:

• Little Miss doesn't like cheese that much so I put about a 1/4 cup of sour cream in the mashed potatoes and only a sprinkle of shredded mozzarella cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

• Did not have onion on hand so used garlic and steak seasoning for the beef.

• I don't like the flavor of carton broth, so boiled water and used a Knorr Beef bouillon cube.

• Did not mash the carrots, but left them in a soft cubed state.

cooking the beef
adding the beef, carrots, and peas
mashing the potatoes
adding the mash
smoothing it out
waiting patiently 
half with cheese topping
coupled with garlic bread

Yummm! It was a success! It was a little time consuming, but Little Miss loved the process and seemed to love the food that much more! And my son?... well he wasn't into the idea of cooking, but he sure didn't mind digging in :0)

Happy Eats!

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