Old School Letter Press

7:08:00 PM

Letterpress printing... using a printing press, it is a relief printing technique. I haven't seen one of these since graphic design school. I was learning graphic design during the changing of the guards so to speak. From the hand drawn, illustrated, and hand based composition to the age of the computer. 

Luckily I had professors that were classically trained at a renowned Swiss Graphic Design program in Basil.  They stressed the importance of hand drawing and learning about the beauty of the classic fonts. I am glad for that. We had a lab that had these wonderful presses in order to understand and appreciate the history behind how things were done sans computer.

Although, I have to admit as a teen, my eye was on that shiny new computer lab. Though thinking back, all programs were 1.0 and eons bad. Fast forward 20 years later and I can now fully appreciate these amazing bits of history. Truly inspiring...

These lovely items were found in a paper boutique store in Half Moon Bay, CA called Paper Crane. A quaint little shop of journals and items made of decoupage, but in the back were the real treasures.

And as  an aside... I have been eyeing vintage and teak drafting tables. The modern ones with the metal legs are just sooooo... soulless and ugly. Walked by this vintage store and saw this beauty. Love...

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