Music That Moves You

10:54:00 PM

Music of the Day:
The Phoenix Alive : Monarchy

Ever have music inspire you to do something? Whether it is to dance, pick up a pen, or hum? Music is very much part of my life and my children's. It changes mood, activities, motivations... I always loved finding interesting music that spoke to me.

Back in the day before the internet and mp3s. My favorite thing to do after pay day was to go to Tower Records and listen to off beat songs they had in their sampling stalls. Am I dating myself? Perhaps, but sometimes I would play roulette with my hard earned money and pick a CD just on bases of an interesting cover or a recommendation from staff.

Fast forward to today and all the options such as Pandora, Spotify (that I have been using since my days in the U.K.), and good ole Youtube, you can now fish around for new tunes for your creative soul and you don't have to break the bank to do so.

And with the music that moved me today,  I leave you with the background layers of my next Moleskine entry.

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