Children's Project : Foam Stamps

2:54:00 PM

Foam stamps... a relatively fun and economical way of creating stamps without the whole rubber and carving tools. Also, a very kid friendly summer time project I must say. 

Tools: Foam sheets, foam core, ball point pen, scissors, mechanical pencil, pencil, and paper.

Step#1 : Drawing the image : 

A. Draw directly on foam with pen, pressing hard and remembering where ever you press the pen... there will be no ink that is picked up from the ink pad since it is recessed.
• Tip : Sometimes using mechanical pencil can help with fine details and also recessing the design in deep into the foam.

B. Transfer image: Sketch design on separate paper, color the back of that paper with pencil, put the colored side of the paper down on foam, and trace the design to transfer. Afterwards, use pen or a combination of the pen and mechanical pencil to "carve" in the design.

Step#2 : Cut, Glue, and Mount Designs

• Cut out the designs, if there are small bits, such as the straw in the ice cream cup, don't worry if it gets cut off, as you are going to glue down the foam anyways.

• Cut out the right size foam core board to mount the foam stamps

• Glue using your craft glue of choice.

Step#3 : Stamp and Enjoy!

• Tip : If you like your detail (that is not inked) to be more pronounced, retrace with pen or marker, and you will get an outline effect as u see below.

• Tip : if you want a better grip on the stamps, take a 1 inch square and glue it vertically on the back for a place to grip. 

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