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Planner Pro's and Con's

4:52:00 PM

During a post on Suzi's new semester in Paint and Chronicle about planners, looking back, I realized since beginning this journey with her Soul Garden class... I've been in 4 different planners. Although I'm still in search for just the right combo, here are my pro's and con's of each one I've had since last summer.

The two ring 8 x 8 planner. Original post here.

• Rings allow for flexibility. Although a binder is ideal for a harder cover, I liked making a smaller more portable version.
• Can use fun scrapbook paper
• Fun
• Great collection of days/weeks.
Soft cover is bendable.  Time consuming to cut down to 8 x 8 if pre-cut paper is not to your liking.
• Feel pressure to finish a page a day.

I finished about 3 months of this type of planner. This style is akin to a smash book, so there is no layout pressure, but since it is a planner, you do feel like u must do something everyday. Which could be a good thing cause looking aback on these two months, its fun! You really see what you were up to everyday. In terms of pictures I chose to do a week in pictures, so I could print everything on one page or leave space on each day to paste images in.

Watercolor journal/ planner in one. You can find my original posts here and here.

• Great paper
• Can keep everything together from day planning to artistic endeavors.

• Not very flexible
• A bit of white page fear

I would say about 3 months and some changed fit into this planner because I wasn't quite as consistent in my day to day. Eventually I ended up focusing on the art journaling part than the day-to-day. The paper itself lends to a lot of visually nice journaling pieces.

 Recollections planner at Michaels. Find previous post here.

• Good over arching, thought provoking prompts like : my dreams, my favorite things, etc.
• Pre-made accessories by Recollection
• A bit lacking in over all content.

I enjoyed the prompts to get me thinking, but strangely I felt constricted with this planner. Also, I didn't quite have the right hole punch in order to add my own pages, so ultimately I ended up abandoning this one within the month. Now it houses receipts.

Planner from PaperSource. I'm still in the process of assessing the pros and cons, but here are some pages thus far and my insights.

I'm currently enjoying this pre-made journal more than I though I would. Since it's not a whole dedicated page to a day, I don't feel pressured yet I'm able to still keep a mindful day-to-day. Not only do I write my plans, but a quick run down of what I did that day at night. I get to utilize my lovely washi tape and tip in my favorite little prints, doodles, and such. 

Since I began this planner a little later in the year, I cut out a clean signature in the front. The other pages that are still dependent on the current days, I've glued together. I began painting the pages and gluing down images of things and ideas I would like to do when we finally purchase a home.

After a few more months I'll post a run down on how I feel about this, but for now I have to say, I'm liking it quite a lot. Happy planning everyone!

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