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Happy Friday #60 : Inktober Gothic Writers Series

2:05:00 AM

Ink drawing of Henry James

Happy Friday everyone! Looks like Inktober is about half way through. This year I've been pretty diligent about doing an ink drawing everyday, but it wasn't until about a week ago that I decided to dip back into my author's series.

Oscar Wilde ink drawing

I guess you can say it will be a good lead into next month's challenge which is the NANOWRIMO. Haha... haven't won one yet, but I seem to be able to write more and more each time. Any who, this series of authors are specifically from the gothic genera. Very inline with Halloween of course.

Charlotte Bronte ink drawing

In terms of the tools I'm using, I decided to keep it simple. Ink brush pens from both Pentel and Kuretake. It is all about practice controlling these pens. As you scroll down to my first drawing... it was quite a mess, but instead of doing a new one, I decided to share it in all it's messed up glory.

Edgar Allen Poe ink drawing

Those slightly turned profile pictures are definitely difficult to grasp since I don't have a way to lightly shade a side of the nose without it looking like a blob of dark growth on the person haha. So I'm definitely learning about what I can and cannot do with these amazing ink filled brushes.

Emily Bronte ink drawing

The paper I am currently using is from the simple Sketch 5 X 7 journal from Barnes and Noble. I cut out a few signatures from the journal and put it inside my Roterfaden. This makes it more manageable and I can also keep these little segments for specific purposes.

H.P. Lovecraft ink drawing

A quick pointer I thought I would share is, after a day, the brush is a little dry. So this is a perfect time to use your brush pen to do the light outlines of your drawing. Then as you want to darken certain parts, squeeze ink into the top chamber next to the brush tip and it will be much juicier.

Bram Stoker ink drawing

The little name tags I made were with craft paper on my lovely Olivetti typewriter. It was nice typing away on it again, although I have to admit, my pinky finger is just too weak to do it justice. So I have to go old school on it with my pointer finger.

Mary Shelly ink drawing

I have to say having a theme is making it much easier to commit to Inktober. I'm going to finish the month out with my gothic series. Happy creating!

Music of the Day:
Dead Can Dance : The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

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