Baby Steps at the local Atelier

9:47:00 PM

I began sending my daughter to our local art museum that started an Atelier this summer. It is taught in the traditional manner, so learning about shading with a graphite pencil, still life, lighting, etc. Baby steps so to speak, but there is a method to the madness and I decided this mama was going to prescribe to it as well :)

Ultimately I would like to learn traditional oil painting methods, but I know I have to pay the piper to get to where I want to go. For the most part, other than some fun online classes and playing in my journal, I have not had any traditional education.

In the two classes that I taken thus far. I learned so much. Interestingly enough, despite the four hours of class time, it seems to fly by so quickly. Shading on textured paper is quite a challenge I have to say, but that was my basic frustration when I attempted canvas a few times, the texture. So learning to go slow and small is definitely helping me understand how to deal with it more.

Here is my first piece, a little stone with cotton still life. Four hours of shading and a little sore shoulder later :)

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