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Happy Friday #59 : Inpiration : Year of the Spark!

12:25:00 AM

Wow... already entrenched in October. This past weekend went by in a frenzy! I enjoyed a lovely mini-holiday and celebrated my 16th Anniversary with hubby and kids.  Got to see a show, go dancing, eat a copious amount of delicious food, and had a half a day of spa-liciousness all to myself. A great refresher for my soul came at such a perfect time.

On the creative front,  I thought I would share a little inspiration love that I have for this class called, 'Year of the Spark', by Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple. I had enrolled at the beginning of the year, but after the chaos and heartache of the first half of the year, the class sat forlorn on the sidelines just waiting to inspire me. That was until the first week of September rolled around... 

There are two components to the class : one the creative, which is segmented bi-monthly in which each artist takes on a lesson. A typical lesson has a warm-up exercise and one assignment that are both broken down via video and PDF. The other component is the business side or art.

Paralysis though analysis... that is pretty much where I stood with my identity/ logo and the blog design until that Labor Day weekend rolled around.  Something about the business classes just clicked with me and I decided to sit down and just do it. 

Within a weeks time I hammered out my logo, banners, beat a blog template into submission (yeah not only did I have to dust off the designing skills, but my programming ones as well), and established an FaceBook business page. While I'm not quite ready to set up shop, there was definitely a great level of satisfaction getting things completely finished. 

Now... since I was far behind in the class work, instead of feeling overwhelmed playing catchup, I decided to attack the class going backwards. That is my new thing now. If I feel that I haven't caught up to things, I just work things backwards not only in this class, but in my planners as well. Its just a psychological thing I'm sure, but there is something about being in the current moment, getting that done first, takes the pressure off. Then doing the back log is just a nice experience instead of an overwhelming 'too much to do' moment.

The lessons that I have done so far is just so interesting and creative. They are  drawing exercises geared towards freeing your mind and your hands to wander, rather than the traditional drawing lessons that are out there. Such interesting and fun ways of combining media and play... that pretty much summarizes the creative side of this wonderful course.

The other part I really enjoy about this course are the communities. There are two set up for the class. One that is for the creative work and the other for the business side. Everyone is positive, supportive, and very good for the creative soul.

Music of the Day:
Zola Jesus : Dangerous Days

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  1. wonderful post! love seeing your faces and hearing about your backwards approach, brilliant! :)