Kicking the Creative Funk Out

7:52:00 PM

A series of life events led me astray so to speak, from my creative journey. I won't get into the grueling details, but I feel the mojo coming back. Schedules are becoming solidified, some of my stress points in life are ironing out, and I feel a bit more at peace with myself.

Fall is around the corner, my most favorite time of year. Despite the fact its still in the dead of summer here in NorCal, there has been a bit of letting up, well... at least in the mornings and at nights. I love a cool breeze and can't wait for the full on fall weather to hit.

Inspiration comes in many forms, for me music plays a key role, but ah... a good fall breeze wakes the creative spark in me. On that note, I leave you with a piece of music and an inspirational class to help kick the creative funk out.

Music of the Day:
High Highs : Open Season

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