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11:43:00 AM

As I mentioned before I have been working with the kids on Home Schooling ideas and project based learning this summer. Russell gravitated quite quickly on the urban planning of Mindcraft, but Amelie had a rather opened passion... all things art.

It wasn't quite focused and I also struggled with how to direct her towards a more focused path. I'm happy to say we have finally found that focus, an Art Blog. She had one in the past with her brother, but it was mostly a  hands off process where she would ask me to scan and post he images.

She had shown a bit of interest in becoming more involved and having her own site, sans brother, in the past, but recently became more insistent and it dawned on me. Ah... this would be a good time to create a focus... and the project was born.

Time was spent brainstorming names, sketching out the images,  thinking about how her banner would look, exploring color palates she would use, writing and re-writing her introductions, learning about a focused way to blog, and the art of directing mommy haha...

What she learned during this exercise was that everything requires thought... it is a process. Planning and time is important, and although I am still doing the computer work for her, she came to the realization things are not magically done.

The creation of her logo particularly peaked her interest and gave her a new appreciation of what it takes to make something look right. The process to choose the fonts, the tweaking of size, position, color... it was very interesting to see the dawning sense of appreciation. In fact she was so appreciative she gave me a little shoulder massage haha.

We worked out a structure for her to make her blog posts. She would create her art and then spend time to think about a title and what words she wanted to attach to the post.

For me? What did I learn? What I took for granted... the creative process... is something that still needs to be learned. We forget as things become automated in our lives, that we at one time had to figure all these minute steps as well. It has been a joy to teach and help my daughter discover something.

So without further is to the creative process and Welcome to Amelie's Art World!

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