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Second Chance

1:49:00 PM

Giving things a second chance... about a month ago I played around with the side view. Always a difficult angle, I managed to watercolor and color pencil  in a face, but after the mess that was the hair, I thought all was lost. I abandoned it.

However... every time I opened my darned Moleskine, the funky lady with the blue hair would just stare at me. As if to say, "Seriously? You give me this nasty do and leave me hangin?"

Uhg...the horror of this piece made me flip hastily to the next new empty page every time. I thought about everything from cutting it out, gluing other papers on it, to painting over it ala mixed media style. And it is actually with that last thought I pulled out some paints.

As I stood there poised to paint over the lady... the inner artist that toiled over this piece wouldn't let me. Instead I began to layer the hair and background without a real plan. After the paint dried, the next day an old black Papermate pen from eons ago was rolling around on my desk after having signed a check. I picked it up and thought it would work perfect on top of the paint and went to town.

It was a very organic experience that lead me to design this elaborate piece for her hair, the jewelry, and the ornate frame. I know it could do with some words,  or at least a little extra something, but for now... I'm just going to enjoying how far my very art nouveau lady has come.

Heres to giving something a second chance!

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