Craft Paper

Tea Party Time!

3:03:00 PM

The kid's had a day off on Friday soooo I decided to break in the new tea set we recently purchased. It was Tea Party Time at the Kim house hold. Amelie invited a few friends to enjoy a little happy play date. 
While I was cooking I had them work on a teapot craft. I printed out a teapot box holder onto thick scrapbooking paper. I first had the girls decorate it, then cut it out. I then scored the lines that would create the bottom box portion and had the girls glue it. The box could roughly house a few tea bags and a little cone full of sugar cubes I made out of a doily.

On the menu was : chocolate bunt cakes, scones, cucumber and salami sandwiches, mini chicken pot pies, mini pizzas, macerated strawberries, cookies, strawberry short cakes, and of course the tea... fruit flavored. They actually ended up having tea twice. The first one was more of a lunch where they ate all the savories and then a few hours later went for the sweets.

They did a little dancing in between, but for the most part opted to do more art. They began with drawing manga gals, then moved onto observational drawing of a tea cup and water color.  As they enjoyed their second cuppa, they enjoyed some time decorating their cupcakes for their tea time at home the next day and one for their siblings as well. All-in-all everyone had a great time and I was ready for a nap ^_*.

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