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The 365 Notebook is a happy little find from my local Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya. I actually purchased two of them, the one you see here is the 365 Notebook Premium in A6 and the the 365 Notebook Pro a larger sketchbook about A5 size landscape with a charcoal gray card stock cover. 

Today I will focus on my little A6 Notebook Premium as it has been giving me such joy as of late. It is just one of those things...when you get creatively stuck and the plethora of journals you have squirreled away are just not inspiring you. Then the right 'journal' enters your life and boom off to the creation realm you canter hehe...


Hard Bound in Sakura (light pink) 
(also offered in 4 different colors, sumi (charcoal grey), yuki (beige), and kiri (light blue)
Inches: 4.3' x 5.9' x 0.9'
cm : 11 x 25 x 24

The notebooks are made of a special pure white Japanese paper called, Junpakushi. It is a paper traditionally used in calendars and important Japanese gift wrapping. The best way I can describe it is, think glassine envelopes. The kind people like to use to store stamps. That is pretty much what this paper is like.

It definitely has a transparent quality to it and a has a delicate texture to it,  however that doesn't mean it can't take a licking with all your yummy art supplies! Here are the pages and supplies I've used thus far:

Collage: magazine cut out, Tombow adhesive tape, and sticker.

Gouache (dries beautifully with no puckering), paper punch (slight puckering around pressure points) scrapbook paper, stickers, marker, gel pen.

Collage: water color (completely saturated the background with water color and no puckering) washi, Copic marker (did not seem to bleed, but you can see through other side of course), tissue paper, decoupage glue (wrinkles paper a little, but if you can get a brayer, may alleviate that problem).

Pen drawing on magazine scrap, collaged with decoupage glue. This paper was thicker so the glue did not seem to pucker the paper as I used a hard surface to smooth the image down.

Drawing on separate paper washied onto the pages.

Acrylic Paint and brush pen. No puckering, but did take a little longer to dry.

Blackwing pencil and pentel colored pencil took beautifully to the paper. The shading did not smudge.

Here is another example of how transparent the paper is. This particular notebook comes with a thick cardboard Shitajiki (usually a hard board used to protect the pages below, will many times have grids on it as well, for writing).

I will have to caveat though and stress that it is a delicate paper by nature, so when heavier things are used on it like my collage bits, the seam of that particular page does become a little weak and may sort of shear off a bit if you handle the page too much. This also may because originally it was made to be able to tear off since it's original intention was to be used as a calendar. Not quite sure, but that is my assumption.

Oddly enough though... since I am using this as my creative sounding board, I actually don't mind this too much. I just patch work it with a bit of washi and it is right as rain. If it is used strictly with writing supplies, this may not be an issue. That being said, we shall see how it fares as time goes on. I've only been in it for less than a week now ^_^.

The company actually has many different sizes and page orientations available. This particular one cost $22.95 at the local Japanese bookstore since it is considered to be their premium notebook that is hard cover, but the other ones, usually covered in a heavier soft card stock like, traditional Japanese paper called Satogami, are more affordable. 

Here is a PDF offered by the company that further explains their notebooks and offerings. I would definitely try it out if you get a chance. It's another one of those paper experiences like I had when I first started playing with tomoeriver paper (take a gander at an old post of my first experience with it ^_^). The crinkly sound and the transparent nature is so fun!

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