My Favorite Magazines

5:20:00 PM

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by and watching my little video. Here are the links to the magazines I spoke about. Hope you become as inspired as I do with all this lovely eye candy. If there are any other creative magazines out there, even if they are in another language that you can recommend. Please do comment below and share ^_^.

Bella Grace U.S.  :   Inspirational, Self Help, Creative

The Simple Things U.K.  :   Slowing down and enjoying the little things.

PopShot Magazine U.K.  :   Short Fiction and Poetry with illustrations peppered through.

Artful Blogging  U.S. :  Back stories of the people behind creative blogs.

Frankie Australia  :  All things creative such as art, films, fashion music, etc.

Uppercase Canada  :  Covers things that inspire and spark creativity.

Flow Netherlands  :  Mindfulness, creativity, enjoying the little things in life.

Writer's Workbook  (Writer's Digest) U.S. : writing tips and inspiration.

Omoi Zakka  The website that sells interesting issues of magazines as well as stationery items.

Flow Bonuses ^_^

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