Acrylic Marker

Illustration Friday : Secret

10:41:00 PM

 Last week's IF: Secret

So here is my take on a few more mediums I've used thus far inside the lovely Midori Traveler's Notebook. Copics bleed of course. This is in the original notebook with the thin white pages. The back side of the page is just as vivid as the front with the Copics and bleeds through to the next page. It probably would bleed through even further as I layered more color in had I not used a page from a magazine to cover it.

My lace was done with the acrylic marker so that did not show through. I also used Distress Stain which is pretty much a water color. I've tested water color before and as long as you wait between layers, the paper takes it fairly well. All-in-all still fairly impressed.

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