Liquitex Spray Paint, Paint Marker, and Dabber Tops

3:56:00 PM

Playing around with different mediums. Received a few lovely samples from Liquitex. A Vivid Lime Green spray paint and a Cadmium Red paint marker. The green is pretty bright and easy to work with stencils.

The marker, super vivid in color, but was difficult to work with when I tried to use color pencils on top. It could be because I used the marker on top of craft paint, but it kept chipping when I attempted to put color down.

I took some simple skin tones from a craft paint line and added Tsukineko dabber tops I found on Amazon. They seem to fit most craft paints, I've tried them on FolkArt and Ceramcoat craft paints. I haven't really played with neon colors before, but this was fun. This paint was actually pretty translucent, so I added a lot of layers. When it dried I added shades of green marker and doodle in the hair ala Gypse Girl style.

I added some pink in the background to pop the girl out a bit. It's not quite finished yet, but thought I'd share.

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