New Home New Beginnings

3:58:00 PM

I haven't really had a chance to start all my plans to get back to basics, which has been nagging me immensely, but alas it is for a good cause. The purchasing of our new home. Finally after years of apartment living, a place to call my own. I'm super excited albeit stressed from the whole process, but we finally closed... yay! After almost a year of duking it out in the NorCal housing market we finally won!

Meanwhile, in preparation of my new home I was talked into by a few folk, to join the  Filofax craze ^_^.  I must admit I did dip into the Youtube craze on Filofaxes back in Oct./Nov. of last year. That and Midori's.... however after a long debate, I jumped in head first with the Midori. I still do love it and for now intend to use it for my everyday planning, but... I decided to join in the Filofax land as well. Well an A5 Kiki-K to be exact,for the house planning. My friend Sue recommended the Kiki-K since I couldn't find the bright pink KateSpade one that I had been lusting after. Sigh... a year too late it seems. Both use the same ring binder element as the Filofaxes. Any who here is a video she made about the Kiki-K.

So, I had ordered the Kiki-K planner made by a Swedish designer based in Australia with a few stationary bits a few weeks ago. However, on the day of the delivery I wasn't home (of course) and due to it's international nature, the postman did not leave it at the door. So... I had to await for the looong weekend to end in order to get it re-delivered.

In the mean time knowing the planner would take a while, I also ordered some cards from Project Life and a few other places. Strangely enough though, those items also ended up taking quite a long time as well.

Around the same time I purchase my Kiki, I had entered a contest on the No Excuses blog and won! However, this too took quiet a long time. I had wondered if they had gotten my address via the email I sent, or if it was thrown in junk mail because I received no confirmation. I re-sent an email last week and was assured it was out in the post.

I suppose last week my postal mojo wasn't in sync, but this week... Monday was a stellar day. The saying when it rains it pours is so true. Balancing three packages in hand, I happily teetered from my Apt. post box back to my door. 

Despite the boxes and the chaos all around me right now. I can't wait to dig in come a few weeks time when we do the final move and settle down. I'll actually have my own craft room with the kids! So so fun!

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  1. I decided not to go the Filofax route. I used one for a couple of years, but wasn't crazy about it. I signed up for Gina's No Excuses course a few weeks ago. It's very good. I hope you enjoy the book!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay! Wow... I guess its been almost a month since I've been on. Time is just slipping away.